Chalet for sale
Luxury Chalet Edelweiss
148 m²44
Chalet for sale
Luxury chalet Edelweiss Plus
176 m²44
Apartment for sale
71 m²22
Chalet for sale
Chalet "Les Cardamines"
161 m²43
Chalet for sale
Property Le Serveray
450 m²9
Apartment for sale
Apartment "Blanchot" - Le Chalet de Luane
80 m²32
Apartment for sale
Apartement Duplex "Plein Soleil" - Le Chalet de Luane
73 m²21
Apartment for sale
Apartement Duplex "Rhodos" - Le Chalet de Luane
64 m²21
Created in 2004, Alpes Chalets is a real estate development company and luxury individual chalet development in mountains. Agency fees are payable by the vendors. Chalets, apartments, lands : simple mandate : 4,58% out of vat = 5,5% vat including. Exclusive mandate : 3,75% out of vat = 4,5% vat including. Minimum fees : 6000€ vat including.