Individual chalet

Observe local building traditions while providing a modern and contemporary architecture this could be our creed.

We use technology of the construction beam-column which is now considered the top-end of the wooden structure, inviting architectural design.

This technique offers great indoors as well as opportunities to large windows to provide optimum brightness.

Luxury chalet with well being space

What could be nicer than enjoying his personal relaxation after a day of skiing …
Indoor pool with large bay window to enjoy the view and light, sauna, spa … Tell us your dreams we make them for you …

Created in 2004, Alpes Chalets is a real estate development company and luxury individual chalet development in mountains. Agency fees are payable by the vendors. Chalets, apartments, lands : simple mandate : 4,58% out of vat = 5,5% vat including. Exclusive mandate : 3,75% out of vat = 4,5% vat including. Minimum fees : 6000€ vat including.